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Why Do Businesses Need To Leverage TikTok For Marketing?

Nowadays, social media platforms play a crucial role in building a connection between the brand and the audience. As a brand or business, you will have to engage in social media channels to grow your reach and visibility. People are more likely to connect with brands and companies with a hugely engaging presence on social media. Hence, brands are leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Currently, there is an immensely engaging social media network named TikTok. Brands are making use of the TikTok network to grow their exposure across the younger audience. TikTok is a network with higher potential, and hence you can use the TikTok channel to expand your reach and exposure. Some brands are leveraging TikTok, but they also use paid social media services to increase their reputation across the platform. You can also buy TikTok likes to grow your engagement rate with ease and make your content visible across the people worldwide.

Though many brands use TikTok, some aren’t trying it out as they think that TikTok is an entertaining landscape and cannot be used as a marketing tool. But is there anything wrong with trying? You can make use of the TikTok platform to reach your young target audience. It would be beneficial for your business as it will play a vital role in increasing your business ROI.

If you are still unsure about leveraging TikTok for your business, check out some of the benefits that have been highlighted in this article.

1. Huge Audience

TikTok has more than 800 million users around the world. If you aren’t in TikTok, you miss out on a fantastic chance to grow your audience and enhance its visibility across the contemporary audience. Though the platform acts as an entertaining platform, many brands use the channel to grow their audience. According to a study, 41% of users around the age group of 16 to 24 groups use the TikTok channel. As a brand, you can step into the TikTok platform to check if it works for you. It may play a vital role in amplifying your online presence.

2. Immensely Popular

The TikTok channel is across 150 countries. It shows that the platform is top-rated across the globe. By another survey, the platform has over 1 billion downloads worldwide. This stat ensures that the platform is highly famous across social media users. It shows that the platform can be used if you are trying to increase your fame or visibility on social media. Hence, use the TikTok platform to strengthen your recognition and build an engaging connection with the audience.

3. Unique Advertising Options

On the TikTok platform, you can make use of comprehensive advertising options to reach the target market. It helps you to reach your audience with ease and also build your business ROI. On the other social media platforms, you have a simple advertising option, whereas, on the TikTok platform, you can try out unique advertising features. Here are a few of the advertising options on the TikTok platform:

  • Brand takeover ads
  • Hashtag challenges
  • In-feed ads
  • Branded lenses

4. Highly Engaging

People are using the TikTok channel because it is filled with original videos. As a brand, you can make use of the TikTok platform to grow your target market. The platform is immensely beneficial if you can create authentic content. The platform is immensely engaging to the audience, and as a business, you can generate real videos to build your visibility. To build your engagement on the TikTok platform, you can make use of relevant hashtags too. Brands and businesses can make use of the TikTok channel to grow their audience and build immense engagement.

Final Thoughts

The TikTok channel is engaging to the young audience, and brands can leverage it to grow instant reach. The platform is filled with original videos, and you can create genuine content to uplift your engagement rate. Brands can try out the TikTok platform to increase their engagement rate. We hope you had checked out some benefits of using TikTok. You can try out the TikTok channel to increase your recognition and reputation across the globe.

Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use TikTok ?

It is found that Bloggers have less interest and time to invest on learning other social media platforms. If you feel that TikTok is all about lip-syncing and dancing videos then you are missing out the tremendous opportunity. TikTok is a great asset for bloggers who are looking forward to enhancing their brand and to buy TikTok likes. It might be quite strange for the bloggers at the beginning , but bloggers love playing around once they get familiar with the app.

Enhanced Reach

Initially bloggers may not have many click-throughs from TikTok but they have to focus on the bigger picture. TikTok is a fast growing social platform where it is quite challenging to get clicks from the people. People do not certainly want to leave the app and read a huge blog post, because they want to keep going and grasp videos faster. Still bloggers have new viewers to their content. Any blogger with a specified niche can take advantage of the TikTok platform and to be mentioned that the niche is better.  

Repurposing Content

TikTok benefits users by allowing them to use their videos on social platforms. As videos are trending presently, it is a great opportunity for bloggers to get started with TikTok. TikTok videos can be shared on Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest and Blog. It takes very less time to repurpose blogs into a few seconds (fifteen to sixty ) on TikTok.  

Converting Videos To Pins

Pinterest is one of the effective social media platforms that gathers views to blogger’s websites. Currently, Pinterest  favours  videos and it does not bother much on where the videos come from, they just need circulation of some videos. TikTok users can upload their videos easily in Pinterest.

To upload from iOS , the user needs to save the video as a live picture, go to their camera roll , click the photo, save it as video and it can be uploaded to Pinterest. When the users upload videos to Pinterest, they need to enter a title, description and a destination link. The destination link can be to TikTok video or the specified blog post.

Captivate New Readers

Initially, TikTok’s age group was only between eighteen and twenty four, but currently users upto sixty years are making their presence in TikTok. Therefore it is evident that there is no specific age limitation for users in TikTok. For instance, if you are a pet blogger, then you can write about specific breeds, pert nutrition or DIY. But there are several pet bloggers, who are tapping TikTok platform to reach more audience because all types of readers are available in TikTok platform too.   

Awareness For Creators

A blog writer is certainly a creator and TikTok is a viable platform for all kinds of creators. TikTok has a creator Marketplace with hundred thousand followers and it is expected to provide a huge funding for creators in TikTok. TikTok has recently introduced a Creator Fund where they have declared to offer one billion dollar to support creators on the app.

The creator needs to have ten thousand followers to be eligible for the TikTok fund. Brands are highly active in TikTok platform and branded campaigns are flooding even with smaller creators. Global Web Index has reported that sixty eight percent of TikTok users are viewing other’s content and only fifty five percent of users are sharing their own content in TikTok. If the Blogger wishes to target an audience who wish to watch and learn something, then it is essential for them to be active on TikTok. Also on an average users spend around fifty two minutes daily on the application.

Entertaining Aspect

TikTok is a fun filled application with millions of active users and creators who spend most of their app. After making their presence on TikTok, Bloggers are using an effective strategy of posting twenty percent blogging videos and eighty percent fun videos.

TikTok encourages Bloggers to keep up with the trend to enhance their followers and reach. The astounding aspect of TikTok is that it is endowed with many exclusive content niches and unique communities. TikTok’s algorithm is smarter than other social media platforms as the “For You” feed offers exclusive videos depending on the user preferences. TikTok suggests content by scheduling videos on several factors that include the user’s interests from the beginning. Also the app provides a customized “For You” feed.