How to succeed with visual marketing on Instagram

Instagram as a visual marketing platform allows you to embed galleries directly on your webpage and connects a wider pool of audience. As Facebook focuses on connecting people around the world from families to friends, Instagram has become the place for brands. More than 25 million businesses use Instagram for marketing purposes where engagement is high, customers are brand-loyal, and real business goals are achieved. 

Instagram isn’t just for personal use anymore and has become the top platform for brands, businesses, advertisers to promote their business online. Small businesses and entrepreneurs preferably use social media service providers like TikViral who provide services within a few minutes of purchase to increase business visibility on Instagram.  This article would steer you in the right direction on how to succeed with visual marketing on Instagram.

It is essential to know the latest facts and statistics about Instagram to plan your marketing strategy for 2020.

  • Instagram has over more than 1 billion active users that rank Instagram as the second-ranked traditional social network.
  • More than 500 million active Instagram users use Instagram Stories, where one-third of the most-viewed Stories are from the business account on Instagram.
  • More than 200 million users worldwide hit at least one business account on Instagram every day.

In any marketing, text-based content is an integral part, but in the digital world, visual content plays a vital role. Visual marketing is the process of using images, videos, graphics, or other visual content to market products or services, and it is a highly effective marketing strategy of customer-brand connection.

As humans are visual learners, visual marketing helps consumers remember data or information about your brand and keeps you on top of mind a long way. If you are trying to grow your recognition online, you can opt to buy TikTok likes or any other social media services from well-known and safe providers. It boosts your recognition instantly.

Define your goals

Instagram is an image-based platform, so the content you are going to use to promote your business should be visual contents such as images, graphics, or videos. Before you start posting about your activity on Instagram, you want to have a clear marketing objective. Instagram marketing signifies different things to different brands that are looking to:

  • Increase brand or business awareness
  • Increase lead-to-deal conversion
  • Establish your brand
  • Get new leads and make sales

Optimize your profile

Instagram has made many changes in algorithms, including new features and updates and has become an effective marketing platform for all businesses. Optimize your profile to appear in the search traffic, reach more audience, and grow your following.

Optimize your profile page

The profile page name on Instagram is your brand’s identity and the one that will distinguish your business from others. Create a social media profile that is consistent with your company or website. Choose a quality profile picture that reflects your branding that communicates who you are and what you do. A company logo helps you to stay visually consistent across all your social media channels.


Instagram hashtags play an important role in spreading your business reach and also helps in developing your following. More than 88% of businesses include at least one hashtag on posts. Instagram posts with relevant hashtags would receive more engagements than posts without hashtags.

Informative Bio

Create an informative bio to help people identify what you can do for your customers. Instagram’s bio can get just 150 characters. Add relevant keywords, hashtags, and webpage URLs to boost traffic to your Instagram page as well as your website.

CTA buttons

Include a compelling Call-to-Action to urge the audience to take specific action to move them closer to buying decisions.

Create visually compelling content

There are various ways to leverage Instagram for marketing, depending on your business objectives. Depending on your Instagram business objective, come up with the right types of visual content to raise brand awareness.

Instagram as a visual marketing platform allows you to create different types of content such as images, videos- both regular and live streaming videos and Stories. The most popular types of content for the Instagram business channel are behind-the-scene content and User-generated content.

Some of the tips in creating Instagram content strategy are:

Develop your Instagram content theme– Create a visual personality that expresses a certain vibe, focus on specific colors, and type of content you post.

Determine your Instagram schedule– Leverage all types of content such as photos, videos, and graphics. Schedule your posts to maintain consistency and quality, reach a wider audience, and become more efficient.

Track your Instagram Analytics– Track all your Instagram post analytics to identify which content strategy performs best and what needs improvement.

Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for businesses of any kind. Develop an actual visual content strategy on Instagram and build an exciting and engaging business channel. Analyze and optimize your Instagram strategies continuously to identify what type of content resonates with potential and existing audiences.