How To Create Creative And Useful Content To Increase Traffic In Instagram

Instagram’s surging popularity signifies a shift from editorial content to visuals. When you use Instagram to grow your business, it is essential to build up a community of active audience that is engaged and loyal to your brand. Create an image with cool aesthetics- even if you are selling something or promoting an entirely digital product.

This article will cover exactly how to create creative and useful content to increase traffic on Instagram and find some useful tips to make sure all the content in your feed is on point so that you can wow your audience and make it near impossible for them to stop scrolling.

High-Quality Images

A bank of high-resolution photographs of your products will really help brands if you ever find yourself out of content for Instagram. Create a simplified look with a plain or patterned background, or even use a product image to boost sales.

Create a varied Instagram feed with a mixture of creative and innovative images. Keep things balanced by varying your content themes and encourage engagements from your Instagram followers.

Understand Your Audience

Know what your followers want and give it to them!

Social media service providers like Trollishly helps to gain a more active audience to your account. For any social media marketing, it is essential for businesses to understand their audience. Focus on the core audience who are genuinely interested in your brand offerings. Create a focal point, take some time to ponder over your content and start getting your followers to pause on and engage with your content.

Execute A UGC Campaign

Encourage your existing followers to create content around a specific topic that you can post to your Instagram feed. User-generated content is a term applies to any content created by users about a particular brand or service, with or without the encouragement of brands.

Unless you are a well-established brand, run a campaign providing some incentives for users by creating an Instagram post and tagging with your own brand hashtag. This will help you increase traffic by building more active users for your brand hashtag.

Work With Influencers

To increase the consistent flow of on-brand Instagram content, brands should consider working with the right influencers. On the other hand, also buy Instagram Views or any related Instagram service to increase audience engagements.

Expand your audience and gain more active followers for your Instagram brand account by collaborating with influencers who already have good-sized followers fitting within your niche. This would also help your brand to create some great content for your feed.

If you are a small business with a small business budget, connect with micro-influencers who have following between 10000-50000 active followers rather than big ones.

Stay Relevant

More relevant content receives more shares. For any social media content strategy, it is essential to create culturally relevant content for people to share with their friends and family.

  • Loop in a trending topic when setting up a campaign.
  • Focus on seasonal content; add special events such as product release, business events or even fun and tropical events.
  • Stay current with trends; the quicker you capitalize on-trend, the more engagement you will receive.
  • Inspire your audience with a creative hashtag to post and that will be incredibly fruitful for your content database.
  • Create an emotional, raw narrative surrounding to make a powerful connection around each image which allows people to imagine how your brand can grow with them.

Make A Perfect Plan

In order to create high-quality content, you need to have an action plan and strategy in place for planning, editing and posting your content. High-quality Instagram content brings the opportunity to monetize your account.

Consistency is the key technique, you need to regularly produce content that your audience likes and engage and once the algorithm picks up your content that resonates with your audience, it puts your post in a better position in front of a new audience.


Hopefully, this article has given you some knowledge on how to source content for your Instagram account. Try all of these methods to source content, get ready to curate your Instagram feed and build an amazing feed that makes your audience to click the follow button. When you really understand what works; you will get the ability to use multiple tactics in one post.